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Did you know that 82.9% of young professionals in Singapore feel a lack of direction in their careers and life?


Singapore ranked fourth among ten markets where young professionals are expressing rising dissatisfaction with their current standing in life.


The ability to afford their desired lifestyle is also a growing worry for young professionals at 44.3%.


61.2% of young professionals in Singapore say they are unsure about their career progression, second only to the US at 65%.

If You’ve Not Found Your Purpose, It’s Still Not Too Late

Let me introduce myself – my name is Yuan Shyuan and I’m a Financial Services Director at one of the top global insurers. I’ve been responsible for the development of talents in the wealth management profession. As a result, I’ve trained numerous award-winning producers under my watch.

Imagine what’s possible for your own financial future and lifestyle IF you have the right mentor to help you become one of these people…

Just over 4 years ago, I was a regular Nanyang Technological University (NTU) fresh grad, with a degree in material science and engineering. Found a job as an engineer at a US MNC for 2 years before I got promoted.

My next goal was to become a manager, but realised that I needed to…


clock 5 years with the company...


compete against over 1000 engineers fighting for the same position...


and the pay increment was only an additional $500.

It didn’t add up for me because the additional effort I was expected to put in was not proportionate to the increase in income as a manager.

That didn’t give me the confidence in contributing more to my household income.

At the same time, I witnessed the retrenchment of a younger colleague. That made me realise that I’m just a small and easily replaceable part in the system.

Reality hit me hard.

I felt like I was getting nowhere, but I wanted to become someone more significant. 

For Fresh Grads or Young Professionals With a Diploma or Degree, That’s Often The Reality of Working in Singapore… 

It was during my search for better income opportunities when I discovered the potential of advisory and sales within the finance industry to put me in control of my career progression, my income, and my lifestyle.

I was also fortunate enough to meet a mentor who imparted the success model I’ve been using in my own practice. 

I Call It The Honeybees Success Model And It’s Also Been Responsible For Transforming Numerous Ordinary People Into Top Earning Advisors


With the right attitude, this system works even for someone with ZERO industry background and sales experience.


You'll be equipped with practical skill-sets in business, and financial-savviness. Many of our advisors managed to quickly surpass their peers in income and lifestyle with their newfound capabilities.


Belong to a supportive community where you are encouraged to become a better version of yourself.

Some of Our Advisors Who Have Enjoyed Tremendous Growth and Success Since Joining The Honeybees Family

Wong Chee Kong




No industry experience before joining The Honeybees.


Had to juggle university and financial advisory work two months after joining The Honeybees.

Qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) within his first year and graduated from university debt-free. The MDRT is a global recognition awarded to the top 5% of the industry.

Rose to the position of Manager running his own team of 7 advisors by his 3rd year; before graduating from University.

Ian Lin


Fresh graduate from NUS Chemical Engineering.


Was previously struggling in another agency for 6 months and made ZERO sales.

Nonetheless, still displayed determination, discipline, and positive beliefs.

Achieved Court of the Table (equivalent to thrice the accolade of MDRT) within his 1st year with us.

Achieved the 2017 top advisor title within the whole company in Singapore.

Crystal Ng


A microbiologist for 1.5 years.


Despite earning higher than average income, still struggled with servicing her university loan.


Work was usually more than 12hrs a day, there was no sense of fulfilment. She felt jaded and was looking for a bigger purpose in life.


Enter this industry as an introvert without any finance background.

Achieved MDRT within 6 months and was the Top Financial Planner of the year in the agency.

Promoted to Financial Services Manager within 2 years.

Overcame her introverted nature to speak at events to thousands of attendees, and was also Featured on The Straits Times

Managed to get her first dream car by age 26, and the freedom to travel 3 to 4 times a year.

As a Team, We Work Hard and Play Hard

When you join us, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in our events, overseas incentive trips and the opportunity to some earn some of these awards we’ve been consistently achieving over the years.

We’re looking for individuals who…


Are hungry for knowledge and are coachable


Are willing to work hard...


Love to overcome challenges

If that’s you…